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Samba drumming workshops for adults

"I only joined in the samba workshop because I happened to be passing by (the Alexandra Palace and Beyond Festival) and it totally blew me away. Robin was very welcoming and said I could join in even though it had been going on for half an hour. He was brilliant and was able to keep everyone else playing in time while sorting me out with a drum and showing me what to do. Within a few minutes I was completely involved, and loved every minute of the lesson. I'm now a huge samba fan!"

Andy Watson

Bring Brazil to your workplace or conference with an amazing samba drumming workshop. No one can resist the sound of a samba "bloco" playing its hypnotic rhythms. In our workshops you will learn the various rhythms and instruments of Samba Reggae, a style of Samba from the Northeast of Brazil. 

Our samba drumming workshops for adults are fantastic for building teamwork skills, as an icebreaker or just as an enjoyable challenge. We can provide a variety of packages, ranging from a whole day of training to an hour of fun as a break during a conference. 

All participants, regardless of musical experience, will enjoy learning skills that transfer directly to the workplace. If you have a particular requirement or idea for a workshop, please let us know and we'll create a workshop to your specifications. 

See FAQ's for cost and other details