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Body percussion workshops

"A huge thank you and appreciation to Robin for creating and giving such a brilliant body percussion workshop for our choir, Funky Voices.  We'd never taken part in a body percussion workshop and Robin made sure that everyone's abilities were catered for . Most of all... it was a blast! Thanks again!"

Sandra Colston, Musical Director, Funky Voices Choir

Bish Bash Bosh's body percussion workshop teaches you how to perform a funky Stomp-style routine. It's great fun and can be pretty exhausting as you'll learn not only how to create some unbelievable drum sounds with your body but also how to jump around just like the experts to create an authentic-looking routine! This is great fun for both kids and adults and an opportunity to unleash the performer within!

In all our workshops, we can vary the challenge of what we teach and for every rhythm there are easier and trickier versions for you to choose, depending on how much you want to be challenged.  We place a real emphasis on the performance aspect of what we teach  - so it's not important that you might not be playing as complicated a rhythm as someone else,  it's the way  that you play it that counts!

The beauty of body percussion is that it can be practised anywhere, is great fun for all ages and abilities, and needs no equipment whatsoever. It's a great ice-breaker as there are no drums to hide behind, and the more you move, the better the sound.  Although some people are occasionally a little reticent to "let go", we usually find that after one of our fun and invigorating warm-up sessions, people relax and get on with enjoying themselves. 

Body percussion is also a great brain workout. It's a funkier version of trying to pat your head while rubbing your tummy - while doing a rhythm with your feet and clicking your fingers on the beat! This requires a lot of concentration and coordination - it's a lot harder than it looks, but we love seeing the look of achievement on people's faces at the end of one of our sessions!

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