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Samba drumming workshops for schools

"Robin and the BishBashBosh samba drumming experience were incredible! We have been struggling away with our samba band for the year, and for someone to come in and show us and the kids how it should be done was fantastic! The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all agreed it sounded great. "

Emma Brent, Head of Music Performance, Winchmore Secondary School

Our exciting samba drumming workshops  are designed for children of all ages, regardless of musical ability.  Staff can also get involved,  joining in with their class, or as part of their CPD. If you like, we'll create a tailor-made workshop just for you.

Our samba workshops bring the sounds of the Brazilian carnival to you, never mind the weather outside!  We teach samba reggae, a style of samba from the northeast of Brazil which is ideal for teaching to young or inexperienced drummers. 

For more experienced players, or to fit in with your other projects, we can also travel down the coast to Rio de Janeiro to play Rio-style samba.

Samba drumming workshops for schools have so many benefits:

-  they're fun!
-  they encourage teamwork - each instrument plays a simple rhythm but their combined sound is         awesome!
-  they're great for co-ordination
-  they develop concentration and watching and listening skills
-  they teach about a rich musical culture which has had a huge influence on contemporary music 
   and dance styles

Everyone who takes part in a samba drumming course receives a samba-tastic certificate !

samba drumming workshop for schools certificate

For information on the cost of a samba drumming workshop and other details, see the  FAQ's page.