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Children's and adults' workshops - samba drumming and body percussion FAQ's


If your question isn't listed below, please contact us


How much do workshops cost? 

Prices below are for 1 day workshops for primary schools , we provide a discount for 1 term (10 classes), please get in touch for prices other than primary schools.

*1 Class-      100

2 Classes - 200

3 Classes - 250 (Special price)

4 Classes - 400

*45-50 min classes - Years 1 to 6

*30 min classes = Reception or whole Special Needs class



No charge to anywhere within a 20 mile radius of London, N11. Outside this area, the charge is 50p per mile.


We carry a lot of heavy equipment, so we kindly ask the school to provide parking inside the premises.

In case of parking outside the school , an extra charge will be applied.

Unless there is an 8 hour street meter in front of the school,  we avoid doing a full day workshop.  Moving the vehicle to different areas during the day can cause interruptions and delays.

Terms and Conditions:

Cancellation of booking - please let Bish Bash Bosh know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel a booking.

There is no fee for cancellations made up to 48 hours before a booking.

Within 48 hours of the booking date, a 50% fee will be charged.

Within 24 hours of the booking date, the full fee will be charged.

Payment of invoice:

You will be invoiced in the week of the workshop. Payment should be made within 30 days of this date. 

After 30 days a further 10% will be charged. 

You will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions before  a booking is confirmed.

How many can take part in a workshop?

For schools we would normally suggest a class group of up to thirty children. Class teachers and assistants should also be present and are welcome to join in. You will need to advise us of the numbers of adults and children attending each workshop session. 

Are you DBS checked?

Yes - your Bish Bash Bosh facilitator holds a current DBS certificate, which can be checked using the online update service, and is first-aid trained.

Are you insured?

Yes - Bish Bash Bosh holds public liability insurance cover for £5,000,000.

Are the workshops suitable for children of all abilities?

Our workshops are fully inclusive of all ability levels. We ask that you inform us of any children with additional needs so that we 

can ensure we provide accessible instruments for them and include activities which help them make the most of the session.

What can we expect?

Of course professionalism and a can-do attitude, but also lots of background and context for participants to understand where the drumming they're doing comes from and how it connects with the music they hear every day. Also they see and hear how drumming helps them focus and listen to each other - not just life skills but great training for any musical instrument. 

Schools receive an information pack containing a powerpoint, links to videos and suggestions on how to get the kids fully involved in learning about the culture and history of drumming. 

You'll learn how to play at least one rhythm together with an introduction and awesome call-and-response "breaks" - the hallmark of samba. 

If the school decides to have the workshop for 1 term , the students can present a performance at the last day , this is a fantastic way to demonstrate learning. The effect of a performance on audiences is as entertaining as watching the performers - people are blown away by the sounds and rhythms produced! 

I've never played a musical instrument, never mind a drum. Can I still take

part in a workshop?

Absolutely! You never know - you might find you have a hidden talent! These classes are for anybody who likes the idea of drumming or body percussion in a group. The "group" aspect is vey important - the idea of listening to other players and fitting in your playing around what they're doing (a bit like having a conversation) is something we cannot emphasise enough.

Other organisations (outside the education sector)

Please see the FAQ's above for most of the information you need but note the differences regarding cost and workshop size below.

How much does a workshop cost?

This depends on your organisation (is it a charity, a community organisation or a private company?) the numbers of participants involved and the duration of the workshop. Please contact us for more details.

How many people can take part?

For groups of adults, the number of participants largely depends on what you would like to achieve from the workshop. The lower the number of people taking part the more musical progress they can make. However, if your aim is to provide a fun, team-building day, where groups can work under limited supervision after a general introduction, numbers can be higher. 

If you would like us to tailor your workshop to fit your requirements, please contact us.